Viper X Range Bait Boat with FC500 Fish Finder


Product details

  • Deluxe Bag, Hopper Cover
  • Boat Battery Charger
  • 8 x AA Alkaline Batteries
  • 2x Heavy Duty Battery, Transducer Recess
  • Comes with the FC500 fishfinder Fitted.

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‘Viper X Range Bait Boat with FC500 Fish Finder’ product description

The Viper X range has been specifically designed to handle the tougher weather conditions such as stronger winds and rain. This is helped by the deeper body and rectangular, flat shape which stops it from being dragged off course by the wind or undertow or tipping over.

It comes complete with a large cover to sit over the top of the main hopper section to prevent any PVA products such as bags from melting in any rain when getting the boat out to your chosen spot.

To help extend the battery life of this boat there is also a solar panel that can be fitted. This is great for extending the battery life but only if it is to extend and not fully recharge, as it won’t have any effect if the batteries are totally flat.


Made from glossy acrylic capped ABS, the powerful twin jet pumps don’t need to be primed before use, just put the Viper X bait boat in the water and drop your bait wherever you need to. The jet pumps also makes this bait boat less susceptible to weed and other debris.

The lights system the boat has also sets it apart from other bait boats, with LED Navigation lights, a spot light and LED lights flash to indicate door release.
These lights can all be turned on and off from handset, which now has 3 levels of brightness.


Viper X Range features

  • All boats have superb manoeuvrability, allowing precise placement of bait.
  • All boats come with adjustable filters.
  • Viper XRANGE comes with Bright front spot light.
  • Viper XRANGE carries 2 boat batteries at once giving double the running time.
  • Built in battery meter.
  • Solar panel charging point.
  • Quick change battery system allows batteries to be changed in seconds, weight of battery automatically makes seal of battery compartment.
  • Large long hopper ideal for long rigs.
  • Comes with radio handset including 8 AA batteries.
  • 2 x 12v boat batteries with charger.
  • Instructions and warranty.
  • All new XRANGE boats comply with CE and ROHS regulations.
  • Dimensions: 760mm x 370mm x 250mm (Hopper 460mm x 150mm x 70mm )

These bait boats are also available with an FF1 fish finder fitted.

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Our own review

Value for money:

9 out of 10 Value for money

The extra long hopper section with cover makes it possible to place rigs with hook lengths of over 1 ft straight out to avoid any tangles which can be seen when using smaller bait boats. The cover keeps PVA bags dry, as well as baits such as live maggots all inside the boat until you are ready to release the bait into your swim. Design ideas such as this, combined with the multi coloured lights to let you know where the boat is even in the dark as well as the lights that let you know when the bait is dropped all show how much thought has been put into the design of this bait boat.

The standard version is competitively priced at under £700, with additional fishfinder options available for those who need it makes the boat affordable at a range of prices and specifications. If your lake allows, it certainly makes more sense to get a larger boat for this money and make fewer journeys across the lake with it instead of making twice the journeys with a smaller bait boat. This easy to load and manoeuvre boat has many other nice details such as the solar panel charging point that all make this excellent value for money if you are going to be using a bait boat regularly.

Quality of materials:

9 out of 10 Quality of materials

The boat itself is manufactured from high quality glossy acrylic capped ABS, and the controller is nice and solid with small controls to prevent any damage such as breakage if dropped.

Aesthetic appeal:

10 out of 10 Aesthetic appeal

The glossy finish and streamlined design help the boat both look good when it’s on the bank or in the water, as well as helping it to move quicker through the water to reduce the time it takes to get baits those long distances. The lights are very bright and designed using a variety of attractive colours that help make it easy to see in the dark at distance.

The low profile in the water will also help prevent any undercurrent dragging the boat off course and keeps the amount of boat out of the water to a minimum once out in the water. Great design with a simple black and green colour scheme makes this an all round top quality bait boat to have at your side on the bank.