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Here at FindMeFishing, our aim is to provide anglers with the most up to date information for as many UK fishing venues as possible, informative articles on all aspects of UK fishing, and to provide a social aspect for members to discuss venues and let others know their successes.

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We hope you enjoy the site, and as always if there are any features you feel would improve the site, feel free to contact us using the form provided.

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UK fishing venues




Here at FindMeFishing we aim to provide as much information as possible about all your current favourite venues, as well as listing some lesser known places that can all provide excellent fishing.

This includes the prices, facilities, rules, opening times and directions.



As well as a basic description of what to expect from the venue, we also provide the opportunity for you to post catch reports, images, and reviews.

You can also check what tackle shops are nearby and see the weather for that area for the next few days.

Regular updates


We currently have information on hundreds of venues as well as on over a thousand tackle shops, and update this every week with more places for you to try on your next session.

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Some of our recently added venues:

  • Navar Lakes

    Navar Lakes

    Within the forest area at Navar Lakes there is a scenic drive, cliff-top viewpoint and a touring caravan site.…

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  • Blakelands Country House

    Blakelands Country House

    Set within several acres of grounds Blakelands Country House is undoubtedly one of the finest period houses in the region, continuing to captivate guests who marvel at the surroundings.…

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  • Border Fisheries

    Border Fisheries

    The Border Fisheries complex will provide fishing to suit all ranges and abilities, with lakes that produce larger carp for those specimen anglers, and lakes to choose from if you want to try your hand at pleasure fishing for some chub.…

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Fishing articles


Wide range of topics


As well as the in-depth venue listing, FindMeFishing features a number of articles, written about all aspects of fishing in and around the UK.

You will find articles on carp fishing, pike fishing, coarse fishing, sea fishing, and fly fishing.

Improve your catch rate


Each of these sections contains articles aimed at improving the knowledge and catch rate for anglers with all levels of experience.

There are also tutorials on subjects such as rigs, bait choice, and all other aspects that could help make your next trip the session of a lifetime.

Regular updates


Our articles base is constantly growing, and new articles are posted regularly on the site, based on all aspects of fishing in the UK.

We will also be updating our Facebook and Twitter pages each time we add a new article.

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Some of our recently added articles:

  • Fishery visit to FLE Fishery

    Fishery visit to FLE Fishery

    After the visit to FLE Fishery earlier in the year when the weather was much colder, with all the great catch reports and big match winning weights it was clear that the fish had really started feeding heavily, which meant it was time for another visit.…

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Social Network




The site also features a social network. When you become a member you are able to add new images, add new catch reports, and add new reviews for any of the hundreds of venues currently available.

You can also suggest new venues to be added, and update information on existing venues.

Social Groups


There is also the option to create groups, where members with a passion for a particular type of angling can create a group for members from the same area, members of angling clubs, members who fish a particular venue, and many more.

Keep track of your season


All of your catch reports, image uploads, and reviews can be seen in one place, your profile page.

This can be linked to friends and other site members to share your latest catches and experiences.

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Find an article

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Find a venue

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With such a large number of great fishing venues available for anglers to choose from when it comes to deciding on the venue to visit on their next fishing session, even with magazines and angling media printing information on a number of new venues every week or month, these copies can be misplaced and you end up losing the information on a potential new favourite fishing venue.


Find Me Fishing

Why we started Find Me Fishing

We created the site to store information on a large number of fishing venues for you to quickly and easily find information on a venue whenever and wherever you need to.

We combined this with up to date articles, product reviews and a social network side to give you access to all the information you need to plan your next fishing trip.

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We also have accounts you can follow on social media sites such as our Twitter, Facebook and Google + which makes it even easier to keep up to date on when we publish our new articles, add new images to a venue, or even just give a mention to someone on a great catch.


Keeping you up to date

We also have a roundup of our favourite tweets from the day, which will often be a collection of some stunning fishing photos, as well as waterscapes or wildlife from the day’s events.

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By updating our venue information and adding a range of new venues and articles every week, here at Find Me Fishing we aim to help keep you up to date on the latest catches, newest venues and most prolific methods for making your next fishing session one to remember.

Also, if you were fishing a match recently and would like the results published then you can send us an email from our ‘Contact Us‘ page and we’ll create a new article with the results and have it added to the venue listing as soon as possible.


Something missing?

If you can’t find your favourite fishing venue on our site already then why not send us a quick email with the name of the venue and all of the information you can. A photo would be great and pics of captures from the venue even better!

We already have plans to add hundreds more venues this year, but always have time to take requests so just drop us a message.